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Catalogue offer of the print service and product packaging.
(Logos printed on products are illustrative only.)

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Hot stamping, thermal printing

Hot stamping of foils (often referred as thermal or gold printing) is a technology where, at elevated temperatures and pressures, a layer of film is transferred to the desired material. This technology helps to make attractive look.

Semiautomatic screen printing

Semiautomatic screen printing due to its electronic-shift design is designed for the most demanding printing applications. We use technology for both flat and 3D objects.


Pad printing works on the principle of color transfer by a pad. The technology is suitable for smaller areas, but it is also possible to print areas that are not flat due to the tampon's shape.


Printing with UV ink curing allows printing on non-absorbent materials such as PVC, PP, polycarbonate, glass, wood, aluminum, canvas, vinyl, etc. in addition to printing on standard materials.

Sublimation printing

It is used to print textiles made of polyester or mixtures thereof, especially sports jerseys, mugs, pillows, specialty shirts or promotional items.

Skinning machine

Packaging the final products on the underlying carton by vacuum-pulling the foil..

Packing machine

Packing products into a customized bag. It can be hermetically sealed.

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